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Attorney for Angels of Care responds to FBI investigation


SHERMAN -- An attorney for Angels of Care, the Sherman based home health care business is responding to an FBI Medicaid investigation.

In an email, attorney Ali Fazel, said:

"Companies who participate in the health care industry are audited and investigated from time to time. They have also been audited in the past and responded to such matters in an appropriate manner.   They are currently under an investigation which we know little about. My clients feel they have done nothing wrong. They have strived to be good stuarts in their community and have always conducted business in a responsible manner.  We expect that in the future they will conduct business as usual and continue to serve their clients. They would like all in the community to know that their first and foremost priority is to take care of their patients and employees."

Members of the Dallas FBI and Texas Medicaid office could be seen coming in and out of the Angels of Care businesses Thursday morning.