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Denison graduation to be held at Munson Stadium, despite construction


DENISON -- For months, parents and seniors at Denison High School have had to put plans for graduation on hold.

The stadium where the ceremony is usually held is now under construction and the district didn't know if it would be ready in time.

Construction crews are now three months into a 6 million dollar makeover of Munson Stadium, the place Denison High School senior Miranda Poe thought she'd graduate.

"You just want everyone to see the past twelve years you've been working that you finally did it," Poe said.

But plans were put on hold in the fall when seniors and parents received a letter from the district.

"We've basically all just had to wait to hand out graduation invitations because we weren't sure who were going to invite," Poe said.

Because of the Munson Stadium reconstruction, the letter said the district is proceeding with an "alternate plan" to hold commencement at Eisenhower Auditorium, a smaller venue on-campus.

It said graduates would receive just four tickets for guests, not enough for Cheryl Matsumoto whose son will also graduate in the Spring.

"I was a little stressed about it being in the auditorium," Matsumoto said. "They said they were going to hand out four tickets per family and that's not enough."

The location was listed as "to be determined" while the district and construction crews pushed the project along.

"At that time, we did not feel that we could do graduation in the stadium because of the construction," DISD Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott said.

Then Wednesday, Dr. Scott said the school is back at plan A -- that despite weather-related setbacks -- graduation in June will be at Munson Stadium.

Because the west stands are being replaced, Dr. Scott says the stage will be at center field this year, and that about 1,500 chairs will be added on the field to make of for the stands not being there.

"We're very pleased that we were able to provide the outdoor setting and provide room for everybody to come," Dr. Scott said.

Construction at the Stadium will be months away from completion by graduation.

Dr. Scott says the school will take safety precautions to will work around it.

It's a relief to parents and seniors who can now have the graduation they always pictured.

"I was so excited," Poe said. "I wanted to tell all my family that they could come now and I didn't have to worry about picking favorites."

Graduation is scheduled for Saturday, June 7 at 8:30pm.

The district says the amount of guests graduates can invite is unlimited.

Construction for Munson Stadium is scheduled to be complete in August.