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Ada Inmates Attempt Escape from Justice Center


ADA, OK -- Two Pontotoc County inmates can now add attempted escape to their original list of charges after trying to break out through the ceiling of the justice center this weekend.

"As you can see in the video, he's going back there to that area," said Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian while studying surveillance video from the Justice Center.

"One of the inmates had scratches on his arms and back where it appeared that he was trying to get up through there," said Christian.

Christian says 36-year-old Deremy Washington and 20-year-old Deiontay Harrison were being held in a special pod for inmates with medical needs when they tried to escape.
He says Washington, who has a leg injury, tried to get out using his crutches.
After studying surveillance footage, Christian says the two worked in tandem.

"Deiontay," said Christian, "basically his part was that he was keeping watch while Deremy Washington was actually removing the material from the cell."

Christian says a jailer came in to check on the inmates and found a hole in the ceiling above the bathroom. He says the jailer then found Washington's broken crutches covered in white dust.

Justice Center employees tell us they covered the hole with an 1/8 inch steel plate on Wednesday morning.

"This was probably just an oversight on our part, not thinking this was an area of issue," said Christian. "Toilet areas, stuff like that you can't have on camera, so that's the reason they got back there."

Washington and Harrison--who were originally booked-in on charges of robbery and burglary--now face charges of destruction of county property and attempted escape.

Sheriff Christian says the case now lies in the hands of the district attorney's office. All of the inmates except Washington were returned to that medical pod Wednesday afternoon. Justice center employees say Washington is on lockdown.