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The Search for Pottsboro Veteran Continues


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX----- Today, is the second day that the professional search team Community United Effort , or "CUE," has been in Grayson County looking for 83-year-old Enoch Dixon. Dixon has been missing since Valentine's Day. 

Dixon, or "Dickey," fought for our country in World War II and the Korean War and now his family and friends say we need to fight for him.  

"He's a veteran and people really should respect the older veterans because they really need our help," Dixon's friend Judy Raymond said. "They went through a lot to fight for our freedom." 

Friends and family have been desperately looking for the army veteran since he went missing from his Pottsboro home 11 days ago but so far, they've had no luck in finding him.  

"We tried doing searches on our own, but we we're only getting about 20 people at the most to help us do it," Raymond said. "When we did the aerial map we knew we didn't have enough people coming out to help us search for him."

That's why they asked the CUE Center for help. For more than 30 years, CUE has assisted thousands of families in the search for their missing loved ones.

"If a family registers their missing loved one with us, we become their advocate," CUE volunteer Nicole Carney said.

"Right now, they're doing their own search with their dogs and the Grayson County Sheriff's Office," Raymond said. "They don't want any volunteers, they're just doing their own thing right now and seeing what they can find and come up with."

With many successful searches under their belt, Dixon's friends and family said hope is still alive.

So far, CUE volunteers said they don't have any new leads in Dixon's whereabouts. However, on a positive note, cadaver dogs were used in the area around Dixon's home and they didn't find anything. This is one reason why Dixon's friends and family believe Dixon is still alive.