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Woman found inside sunken car at Lake Texoma identified


GRAYSON COUNTY -- The Grayson County Sheriff's Office says surveillance video at Eisenhower State Park shows Marsha Curry's car being driven through the front entrance.

"Within just a few minutes of her driving in the front gate her vehicle was in the water," Lt. Rickey Wheeler said.

Witnesses dialed 9-1-1 to report the silver Volvo sinking at the end of the public boat ramp.

Late Monday afternoon, divers with the Denison Fire Department located the car upside down underwater.

When it was pulled out, Curry was still inside along with several household items.

"We did find a TV, a large number of clothing items for a female. There was a vacuum cleaner which kind of indicates she was homeless at the time," Lt. Wheeler said.

Curry was 58-years-old with a Richardson address.

The Sheriff's Office says its having a tough time contacting any family member.

She had been staying at a local shelter and was reportedly worried about not being able to find a job.

"One of the ladies at the shelter said that she believed she was depressed," Lt. Wheeler said.

The Sheriff's Office says Curry died from drowning.

It's unknown why she chose to spend what would be her final days in Grayson County other than the lure of the lake, where so many seek peace in their own way.

"Unfortunately, with the lake being up here, we do get a lot of people that choose to commit suicide by coming up to the lake. For whatever reason, this lake will draw them up here. It seems kind of a peaceful area and a lot of times that's where people do want to go," Lt. Wheeler said.

No autopsy will be performed on Curry's body. She will stay at a funeral home in Denison until her immediate family can be contacted.

A public record shows Curry was issued a citation in Collin County on February 12, 2014. The ticket was for having an expired drivers license. It came with a $55 fine.

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