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Senior Citizens Recognized for Their Volunteer Work


SHERMAN -- Eight senior citizens from Sherman and Denison have been nominated so far for the Salute to Senior Service contest.

James Hall has been playing the piano for more than 85 years now.

"We had this old organ stuck back in a junk room and I had moved stuff to get to it and they had little singing schools in the summer when I was a country kid you know and didn't have to pick cotton all the time. "

Now, 91 years old, Hall plays for others.

"He sits down and he starts playing and all the residents start to gather around and come in and enjoy. He plays hymns, boogie-woogie, bee-bop, just all kinds of things and sometimes they get out the hymnal and they sing hymns too," explains Leah Burgdorf, who works at the Willows Assisted Living Facility and who nominated Hall in the contest.

Hall is not the only senior citizen doing good things in the community.  There are seven others so far nominated in a contest to promote volunteerism in the community.

Meet Floye Godbey. She says that being able to help those less fortunate than she is a blessing from God! She is a resident at the Homestead of Denison. Each morning Floye gets up and starts helping the aides get other residents to the dinning room for breakfast and talks with them when they're feeling down. She helps with activities, calls Bingo,  cleans the dishes in the activity room after they have a cooking class, sews the residents clothes when they get torn, makes clothing protectors for the residents, and so much more. Floye does all this with a smile on her beautiful face!

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Meet Dorothy Lee. Her amazing organizational skills and unwavering dedication have been an asset for her church, Center Street Church of Christ, for 48 years. After her retirement as a teacher, she began volunteering at Texas Health Presbyterian/WNJ Auxiliary where she has been serving for over 10 years. During her time volunteering at the hospital, she has helped raise money through the Gift Shop to purchase needed equipment for the hospital. She was asked by the Grayson County Teachers Retirement committee to serve on the board as a treasurer where she has graciously served for the past 10 years.

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Meet Dru D. Sweet Dru volunteers at Texoma Medical Center for 32 hours a month. Although she is 94 years of age, she still chooses to think of others and spends a large part of her time greeting visitors at the Information Desk in the main lobby of the hospital. Her dedication and kindness towards all of the visitors is contagious and inspirational. She has also served on other committees at the hospital through the years.

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Meet Sandy Luckie. She is 96 years old. Sandy has graciously served at the hospital for over 45 years. She is great at sharing beauty with others and currently works in the floral department creating unique floral arrangements that are sold in the gift shop to raise money for the hospital. Through all the many 45 years, her dedication keeps shining through!

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Meet Vera Kennedy. She's 97 years old. Vera has volunteer at TMC for 28 years. At the ripe age of 97 years old, she still kindly greets patients in the ICU waiting room twice a week. She also brings joy to the hospital's new mothers by putting together educational packets for them.

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Meet Kay S. At 96 years of age, Kay Shires generously serves at Texoma Medical Center at least 28 hours a month. She began volunteering at the Information Desk in the old hospital building many years ago, and even after the move to a new facility, she still volunteers at the Information Desk. Her sweet smile and helpful demeanor impacts everyone that walks through the door. Although she recently was celebrated for 20 years of service at TMC, she will never truly know how much of an impact her service has had on a number of people.

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Meet Mary Lou M. She helps with food and clothing for the homeless.

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Kelsey Wilson, the Marketing Coordinator at Home Instead Senior Care, explains the contest.

"We are asking people to go to and search for the state of Texas and then look at our nominees from Sherman and Denison and vote for them once daily until March 1st."

Wilson says its been an honor to participate in the program.

"It's just inspiring and we are hoping that more than anything this contest will encourage other people to get out in the community and volunteer and to know that they are needed and appreciated."

For James Hall it is just doing what he loves.

"I've always just played you know. I play at the nursing home and they all seem to love it, so I enjoy it too."

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