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People React to High Gas Prices


TEXOMA --  The rapid rise in prices comes as a jolt to people who drive a lot or have to drive to make a living.

Patricio Sanchez works with a concrete cutting company out of Austin. He and his partner are commuting between Tulsa and Austin right now so the gas prices are hitting his job hard, especially using diesel.

"Its a little too high. Every time we fill up the bill is just outrageous."

His boss has made new rules due to the high prices.

"They are putting their foot down. They are telling us to shut off the trucks when we are not using them; stuff like that."

Like Sanchez drivers across the area are feeling the effect of high gas prices.

Tina Taylor says the prices are too high.

"They are outrageous. We travel all the time and it seems like we have to stop a lot to fill this gas hog up."

Taylor says if they don't go down soon they'll have to stay home more and keep their travel to a minimum.

"I wish it was better, cheaper. I drive quite a bit but it hasn't affect me too much. Long as I have the money to buy it I'm alright. I kinda wonder where its all going," says Ron Brannan.

While experts blame rising gas prices on politics and politicians drivers say they just want them to come back down.  

"I think the oil companies and the politicians are out to make the big bucks. That's why the gas is where it is. I would like to have them back to when I was a kid at 25 cents a gallon. We just got to go with this flow I guess," says Fred Hanks.