Grayson Co. College Holds Active Shooter Drill - - No One Gets You Closer

Grayson Co. College Holds Active Shooter Drill


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A shooter bursts into a college lecture hall in Grayson County, but there was no cause for alarm.

It was all part of a drill held at Grayson College on Saturday morning. Administrators and college police held a de-briefing in the Center for Workplace Learning following the "active shooter drill."

It featured staff, students, and outside volunteers. Dozens of participants went through the process of how to respond to this life and death situation.

"It's part of your muscle memory. You respond to what you've practiced and we really need all of our people, our personnel, to understand what their role is in an emergency," says marketing director Shelle Cassell.

Cassell says they have done other drills before, but this is the largest practice exercise they've ever held. Collin County Community College, North Central Texas College, DPS troopers, and Grayson County Office of Emergency Management were among those taking part.