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Partially Collapsed Building To Be Demolished


ARDMORE, OK -- After the front part of an historic building in downtown Ardmore collapsed Wednesday afternoon, the clean up process began Thursday.

The owner of Confetti, a popular children's entertainment business located on the first floor of the building, couldn't believe his eyes when part of the structure came crashing down Wednesday afternoon.

"I got to watch it fall," said Nick Thigpin. "My mind was just kind of reeling."

Nick Thigpin runs the business with his wife Tiffany. He says it was a blessing nobody was hurt.

"Truthfully, it's one of the few days we didn't have anyone here," said Thigpin. "We were really blessed on that side because usually we're very busy."

The building's owner agrees.

"It's a prayer answered, without a doubt, they didn't have a party going on," said building owner Tim Longest.

Police say the Broadway and Washington street areas around the building will remain closed until the rubble is cleared away and the building can be inspected.

"We discourage anyone from being around the building or being close to the building," said Hunnicutt. "It's just simply not safe."

Earlier Thursday, the owners were hoping to save at least part of the building, which was built in 1908.

"Any piece of the building that we can hope to save, I hope to save it," said Longest.

Late Thursday afternoon, any hope of repair had disappeared, as the owners say they signed with a contractor to begin demolition of the entire building.

Now Confetti will have to find a new home.

Thigpin says his business has received an outpouring of support as well as offers for new space.

"We're planning on going forward with everything that we have to do and making adjustments for the immediate future," said Thigpin. "But we hope to have a business ready to go by early next week."

Longest says there are no immediate plans to rebuild on the site once demolition is complete.