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Ardmore Counterfeit Ring Busted


ARDMORE, OK -- Police arrested two people they say made and passed fake bills at several Ardmore stores and restaurants recently.     

But police say there could still be some funny money out there.

Like many other local business owners Sarah Casey says she keeps a close eye on the money she gets from customers at Casey's Catfish Corral. Especially when something seems fishy.

"We know a lot of our customers but if we get people acting real shady about their money or they're looking for one in particular to give away that sends up a red flag," said Casey.

Police say workers have seen red flags at several Ardmore businesses recently, after someone passed a series of fake $20 bills.

"A subject was going in to a local business and was exchanging counterfeit money for real money," said Sergeant Ryan Hunnicutt.     

Ardmore police arrested two people they say have been passing counterfeit money at convenience stores and restaurants over the past few weeks.

They made the arrest Wednesday afternoon at a home in the 1000 block of A Street NW.

"A subject answered the door, presumably his roommate and that was the subject we had seen on surveillance video passing counterfeit money here in Ardmore," said Hunnicutt.

31-year old Michael Williams and 27-year old Andrew Long were arrested.     

During a search of the home, investigators say they found equipment they believe was used to make the fake money.     

But police believe there may still be more bogus bucks out there.

"We do believe there will be more bills that will come in as they're circulated around town so we've got a lot of work left to do to tie up all the  loose ends," said Hunnicutt.

Despite the arrests, managers at stores and restaurants are urged to be cautious.     

Security experts recommend clerks use special pens, and search for watermarks and other security features before accepting any bill.

"Everyday we just deal with so many bills, so many bills," said Vandana Sharda, a co-owner of several convenience stores in Ardmore. "But if it's busy even, we pay more attention, especially to the 20 dollar bills."

Williams and Young face charges of counterfeiting and uttering a forged instrument.     

Bond for each is set at $50,000.