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Farmers and Ranchers Turn Out to Learn More About Their Trade


GAINESVILLE --  Farmers and ranchers across Grayson, Cooke, and Montague counties stepped away from their farms Thursday.

Terry Kirkpatrick says on his ranch he gets to see miracles.

"You plant one grain of wheat and you watch it multiply a hundredfold. That's a miracle. You see a calf being born and get up in five minutes and knows where the supper table is. That's a miracle."

Kirkpatrick was one of 150 farmers and ranchers who turned out to the Gainesville Civic Center Thursday to learn more about their trade.

"Its very important to keep these farmers and ranchers up to date because of all the products  and everything that are coming out and all the new things going on, the new ideas," says Justin Hansard, the Montague County Extension Agent.

Wildlife and Fishery Consultant, Mike Porter, talked about aquatic plant management.

"Plants in a pond or stock tank is not necessarily bad. In fact its very desirable most of the time. I hope they learn to recognize some of the most common or dominant plants in their stock tanks and ponds."

"It's been very beneficial. I didn't realize all the weeds that ponds have in them and there are beneficial weeds. I just spray mine and kill all of them," says Kirkpatrick.

Even managers of the Gainesville Zoo came to learn more about ways to keep their animals healthy.

"A lot of the things we are going to cover here ... will have to do with internal and external parasite control as well as control of weeds and management of different plant species and so its very beneficial for us to attend every year," says Rebecca Parker, Operation Manager at Frank Buck Zoo.

Despite his years of experience Kirkpatrick says attending events like this help him learn new things that will keep his ranch going strong.

"Everyone looks at our place and says you're sure lucky and I go there is no luck to it. Its called you do what's right by the book by attending these programs to improve your property."