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Attic Fire Causes Damage At Atoka Restaurant


ATOKA, OK -- Fire damaged an Atoka pizzeria this morning, forcing the business to close its doors for now.

It happened around 11:30 a.m.  at the Pizza Hut on Highway 69/75, south of town. Assistant fire chief Shay Daniel says the electrical fire started in the attic near a light socket.

Employees were busy cleaning up and say they hope to get back to work soon. "We don't have any electric or nothing like that no more, so there's water damage and we'll have to just fix it," says Dora Welch. "We're clearing out the freezers and taking the stuff to the other stores."

"Some faulty wiring up in the attic," says shift supervisor Misty Adams. "We got to get this to another store about 50 miles away."

Employees say there isn't too much damage inside, but they expect to be shut down for a couple weeks.  Daniel says they will need to spend several thousand dollars on new wiring.