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Former Ada Fireman Found Not Guilty


ADA, OK--The trial for a former Ada firefighter ended this afternoon, and he's walking out of the courthouse an innocent man.

"I'm relieved. Very excited," said defendant Jason Smeltz.

After a second day of listening to cross examination and deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty in the trial of Smeltz--a former Ada fireman.

Jackson Smeltz, Jason's son, said: "Whenever he started reading for those 30 seconds, your heart just kind of stopped. He just had a real dramatic pause before he read not guilty."

Smeltz was accused of using a computer, specifically his Facebook account, to put an Ada police officer in fear of physical harm or death.

The verdict was read about 3:15 Wednesday afternoon, and although it was somewhat of a gloomy day as far as weather was concerned in Ada, it's anything but for the Smeltz family, who says this win is indescribable.

"As far as what I was feeling, I was afraid, I was scared," said Smeltz. "Being found guilty I wouldn't even be able to support a family. So I'm glad it's over."

Ada firefighter Kyle Walls said: "I'm very excited about it, it's a huge relief. I think Jason's had a long, hard battle."

Ada firefighters--many of who were present at this week's trial--say they are hoping to work alongside Smeltz again in the near future.

Lance Haines, president of the Ada Professional Firefighters Union, said: "The Professional Firefighters of Ada have backed Jason since the beginning. He's looking to get back with his brothers and hanging out at the station."

The case that began last April can finally be put to rest.

"Really relieving that it's finally over," said Jackson Smeltz. "It's been a long 10 months. It's just so exciting that it's over."

Smeltz says his next chapter includes running for Ada City Council in March.

Arbitration is currently being scheduled to decide when and if Smeltz can regain employment with the Ada Fire Department. He says he hopes to be working for the city again very soon.