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Historic Building Collapses In Ardmore


ARDMORE, OK -- The Confetti Bounce House in downtown Ardmore collapsed after a truck crashed into the front of it.

Police say the pickup slammed into the building after the driver passed out behind the wheel due to a medical issue.     

It happened just after 4 o'clock. The entire front side of the business is now gone.  

Fortunately no one was in the building at the time, and the driver wasn't hurt.          

A city worker says the pickup struck a load bearing wall and that the wall collapsed when crews removed the truck from the scene.

"There was a load bearing wall about in the center it was like two garage doors, overhead doors and he T-boned it," said Nick Diaz.

"It's unbelievable just to have something that close by and just thinking about the fact they have birthday parties and everything in the corner of that every evening," said Jim Bowman.

"I saw this and apparently it had just happened minutes before and he was telling me it sounded like a train came through downtown. Unbelievable," said Dan Sauer.

The city says Washington and Broadway area near the building will remain closed overnight.