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Three Indicted In Connection With Grayson Co. Aluminum Heist


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A grand jury indicts three men accused of stealing metal from a factory near Denison and taking it to Bryan County, and deputies say it was inside job.

Tons of aluminum ingots disappear from a foundry at the airport, and investigators believe they've found three men responsible.

Clynt Meek, 42, of Achille, Roy Gene Nichols, 48, of Allen, Tex., and Mark Stephens, 42, of Savoy, were each indicted on a charge of theft.

According to court documents, an investigation revealed 19,000 pounds of aluminum ingots missing from Denison Industries for the month of October.

Deputies say with the price averaging more than $1 per pound, it amounts to a theft over $20,000 dollars, which is a third degree felony.

Investigators say the metal bars are heavy and actually require a forklift to move and that's part of the reason why they believe there was someone on the inside, Stephens, who helped pull off the theft.

Each bundle of metal weighed more than a ton. Investigators believe they took thousands of pounds of aluminum to the Durant Iron and Metal scrapyard on Locust Street in Durant to sell.

And, one bar was allegedly found on the roof of the house in the 600 block of Smith Oak Road near Sherman where Nichols lived.

It's the same house that Grayson County deputies and Sherman police raided back in November, arresting five people including Nichols, who remains in jail in lieu of bonds on various drug charges totaling some $200,000.

Stephens is out on $25,000 bond and Meek is out on $10,000 bond while awaiting trial.