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Higher Starting Pay to be Offered for Some Sherman Officers


SHERMAN, TX----- The city of Sherman is trying to attract more experienced police officers to the force. City council members approved a plan tonight that will offer higher starting pay to officers who've already logged time on the street.

Until now, all new Sherman police officers started at a salary of about $40,000 a year.

Every year after that, they'd get a pay raise of roughly 5% and no matter how much experience a new officer had, they all started at the bottom. Sherman Police Chief Otis Henry said because of this, the city was losing out on hiring experienced officers.

"Some of them may not want to start over again and that might be a reason they never applied before," Chief Henry said. "They knew they'd have to start at the lowest pay level." 

After tonight's unanimous vote by the city council, a starting officer's salary will now be based on their level of experience, rewarding them for the years they've previously worked as an officer.

If a new officer has two or three years of experience, he'll start at that level of pay instead of being paid like a rookie.

"We can reward them now for their experience," Chief Henry said. "We reward them for their certifications by starting them out at a maximum three year level."

According to tonight's agenda, funding for the new system will come from the current budget. The increase will amount to about an extra $5,700 to $7,500 per experienced officer.