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Texoma Schools Plan Ahead For Weather Days


ARDMORE, OK -- Students across Texoma have missed several school days thanks to winter weather.

For most students, snow days are a gift.

"Being out of school is nice at first and then I come back and there's just a lot of work to do," said David Hemphill, a senior at Ardmore High School.

And the grown ups agree.

"We've had enough bad weather," said Kim Holland principal at Ardmore High School.

"It's Oklahoma, I mean you can't really expect much else," said Trey Hulsey.

Winter weather from earlier this month caused Ardmore High School to close for three days.

"Right now at the most we'd only have to make up one day and we also have some other days built in for various things," said Holland.

Principal Holland says Ardmore schools have bad weather days built into the schedule.     

And if old man winter strikes again, the school says they have plenty of minutes to spare.

"The superintendent will make that final call with the board," said Holland. "But my understanding is we have enough minutes built in."

Holland says the main concern is preparing the students for end of instruction exams.

But students like David Hemphill, a senior at Ardmore High, says even with the missed days, he'll be ready.

"I wouldn't say worried, but I would say I'm taking the initiative to be prepared," said Hemphill.

As for the weather, the grown ups are hoping the more recent pattern continues.

"I'm loving today," said Holland.

"I hope we're in the clear," said Hulsey. "But according to the Punxsutawney Phil you never know, six more weeks I think they need to take him off the market."

The superintendent from Plainview schools says they do not have to make up any school days.

We reached out to the Healdton, Dickson, and Lone Grove schools systems for information on their snow days, but they did not return our calls.