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Sherman Boys & Girls Club Gets Help in Time of Need


SHERMAN -- The Boys and Girls club of Sherman was hoping for someone to step in and help them when their gymnasium was damaged beyond repair in December by the ice storm.

"We had a lot of ice on our roof and it started collapsing and so the building was condemned," explains Mike Delong, the Boys and Girls Club of Sherman's Director.

Delong was concerned about where the kids were going to go.

Now what used to be the gymnasium for the Boys and Girls club of Sherman is nothing but rubble.

"After the ice storm we were really struggling to find a place to operate," says Delong.

But with just one e-mail the club's prayers were answered.

"We got a real nice e-mail from the real good people here at Fairview Baptist Church and they extended their hand to us," says Delong.

"It was absolutely amazing whenever we got the call. The internet, the gym, the restrooms, the space just everything worked out beautiful and the building that would have just sat, had it not been for them," says Senior Pastor of Fairview Baptist Church, James Moore.

And Delong says the facility has been a perfect fit for the Boys & Girls club.

"We have a gym to do some of our physical activity and our basketball and a lot of the rooms that they have here are really good for multi-purpose type programs and activities. There is plenty of parking, there is a nice driveway up front and so it was perfect," says Delong.

"We want to be a church that reaches the nations but also our neighbors so it was an outstanding opportunity to do that.  Jesus said let the little children come to me and its pretty cool that they have done that here," says Moore.

Delong says he's thankful for the support and help in their time of need.

"Its reinforced to us the importance of our club here in the community because a lot of families do depend on us and so we are just thankful that we can continue to operate and really not miss much of a beat and that's because of the good people here at Fairview."

"It wasn't anything we needed a thank you for. We are honored to do it," says Moore.