Dozens Attend Storm Spotting Class In Grayson County - - No One Gets You Closer

Dozens Attend Storm Spotting Class In Grayson County


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Dozens turned out to learn more about severe weather tonight.

A National Weather Service meteorologist from Fort Worth was at the Grayson College Center for Workplace Learning for the 2-hour storm spotter class.

They gave information about how to spot dangerous clouds and the way to recognize "tornado impostors."

"We've got a lot of great tools at the weather service, satellites, radar, all sorts of things,and we can tell something about the storm, but what we're lacking is the actual visual evidence, we have to have eyes on the storm, relay that information that way we can put out good warnings," says speaker Mark Fox.

Groups from the Boy Scouts, Gunter Fire Department, and Grayson County's Amateur Radio Club were among those in the audience for tonight's class.