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Sherman Mall Owner Settles Lawsuit Against Store


SHERMAN, TX -- The company that owns a mall in Sherman has settled a lawsuit against one of its stores.

Midway Mall owner Royale Property Management sued Dillard's for more than $40,000 in common fees it claimed the store stopped paying in 2012.

But Dillard's attorneys countered, saying the mall allowed parking lot lights to go out, making the store look less attractive to evening customers.

"All of the lights I now understand are working properly and Dillard's has resumed making their common area maintenance payments. They've now caught up and made the past payments that they were withholding, and the parties have resolved their issues and hopefully everybody can go back to business as usual," says attorney Mike Wynne, who represented Royale.

The mall had argued that without getting its fees from Dillard's, it was in a difficult financial situation, and couldn't make the repairs. The suit filed more than a year ago was settled this week.