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Long Investigation Busts Up Marijuana Distribution


LONE GROVE, OK -- A long investigation conducted by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and several other agencies led to a pot bust north of Lone Grove. 

Agents say a nine month investigation into the distribution of high grade marijuana ended here.

Agents from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics along with investigators from the Ardmore Police Department and Carter County Sheriff's Office conducted the search warrant at a home along Newport Road on Tuesday morning.

Inside they found three pounds of marijuana and a handful of firearms.

Neighbors were not surprised that 52 year old James Kennedy Jr. and 45 year old Anne Rule were taken into custody.

"They shoot guns randomly during the day during the night just whenever they feel like shooting guns," said Maddie Cook, a neighbor. "They've just had a lot of traffic in and out here lately for sure. Especially the last 3 months."

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Agent in Charge Bryant Knox says what was different about this bust was the high grade of the weed.

"The THC level in this, we suspect it being around 20 percent or more," said Knox. "With that it's worth a lot more, the profit potential is worth a lot more."

Knox says the street value of the pot obtained could be valued around $4,000 a pound.

The Carter County district attorney's office charged both Kennedy and Rule with gun charges and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.  

Both Kennedy and Rule bonded out of the Carter County jail.        

They're scheduled to appear in court on March 11.