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Norovirus Hits North Texas Restaurant


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX---- In recent weeks, the norovirus has been making headlines for hitting cruise ships, but apparently those passengers aren't the only ones being affected by it.

Grayson County Health Department worker Jeff Lillis said an outbreak of the intestinal virus has been reported in Grayson County. He said it even caused the Sherman restaurant "La Mesa" to temporarily close their doors for the day. He said the restaurant's owner voluntarily chose to close after some employees reported having symptoms of the virus. These employees don't work in the kitchen.

"We'll be working with them throughout the day and providing some sanitation practices that are approved by the CDC," Lillis said.

Lillis said the virus is very contagious and can spread through food, water, the air and by touching contaminated surfaces. Symptoms include vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhea.

The virus typically only lasts for a few days. The Centers for Disease Control reports that the best way to avoid it is to wash your hands and clean all possibly contaminated surfaces.