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Denison Development Alliance Proving Small Towns Do Mean Booming Economy


We like to bring you news that's Good For Texoma on Good Morning Texoma. Wednesday, the President of the Denison Development Alliance, Tony Kaai sat down with Lisanne to talk about big things going on in Denison.

From businesses moving to town, to expansions of current businesses, a growing school district, new jobs and much more on the way, Tony had a lot to share this morning.

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2012-2013 Denison Annual Report Summary

Denison has truly been blessed over the past couple of years.  On the heels of a global recession Denison has endured and actually prospered.  This is a quick summary of what we have been able to accomplish:

Projects under construction include:

$10m expansion at TMC
$30m expansion at Ruiz Foods
$2m Fire Station
$60m High School
$6m new stadium
$16m Hilton Garden Inn and Event Center

Summary of projects:

$80m passed to renovate all our grade schools and construct a new high school which will be completed in the fall of 2014

Raised $6m for the renovation of the Munson Stadium.
These facility upgrades combined with our outstanding existing DISD scholastic program provides Denisonians the finest education system in this region.

Healthcare -  Texoma Medical Center is the newest and highest rated healthcare center in the region.

Schuler Project – This 3,000 acre lakeside development (Lake Texoma) was approved after 15 years of work.

Business announcements/expansions over past 2 yrs.:
Ruiz Foods               150
Champion Cooler           30  
CATand CAT downtown        200
Visionary Ind. Insulation          10
NOVO 1                                 200
CIGNA                                   100
National Gov. Services          150
Kwikset                                    30
Florestone                                50
ACS                                        100
Texas Turbines                        20
U.S. Aviation                            20
                                              1,060 Direct New Jobs
                                               2,120 Indirect Jobs

15 new small businesses locating/located downtown, where the DDF and City have invested over $400,000 in matching grants to renovate and upgrade the appearance of downtown.

Hotel/Motel tax is up from $142,000 in  07 to $361,000 (2.5 times).  Sales tax receipts were up 9% in 2012 and up 7% in 2013.
North Texas Regional Airport –   A 28,000 s.f. shell hangar has
         built on the west side business park.

These successes have happen, not by chance, but by design.  Visionary planning, persistence, cooperation and top notch leadership from all our allies are the reasons for our success.  It's a been a long journey but it is a fact that Denison's future is a bright as it has ever been!!