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OK Rep on New Debt Ceiling Bill: "It's Just Not Good Business"


OKLAHOMA -- A bill to increase the nation's debts ceiling has been approved after going to a vote on Tuesday.

However, one Oklahoma Representative, Markwayne Mullin, is less than enthusiastic, saying "It's not good business".

The bill passed the House with a narrow vote of 221 yes's to 201 no's. Republican leaders backed down not wanting an outcome similar to last October when the Federal Government was forced to shut down for 15 days.

This is what Congressman Mullin had to say: "Our nation must come to a place where fiscal responsibility is a top priority. We will never reach a balanced budget by continually raising the debt ceiling. I could not vote to raise the debt ceiling because I do not support driving our nation down a road of increased debt. At some point, we have to say enough is enough."

"Saddling our children with a legacy of debt before they even receive a paycheck of their own is 
not good business," says Mullin. "The federal government should take cues from families and businesses across the nation who have to make the tough decisions and take the necessary cuts in order to remain financially stable. If we are serious about getting our nation back on track, let's prove it by reaching common sense solutions that are more than just lip service and rhetoric. Let's foster a business climate that encourages the entrepreneurial spirit, helps create jobs, and results in a thriving economy."