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Bonham Residents to Vote on Alcohol Sales


BONHAM, TX--- City leaders in the Fannin County town of Bonham have decided voters will get an election on alcohol sales within city limits.

This May, voters in Bonham will be deciding whether to allow beer and wine sales in select stores such as convenience stores and grocery stores and whether to allow restaurants to serve alcohol without having to buy a pricey membership.

In order to get these two items on the ballot, a group called the Bonham Committee for Economic Growth collected more than 500 signatures from registered voters in the city.

"I think it would be good to have beer sales in Bonham because right now, we have to drive to Trenton or Sherman for beer and  that's a long way away," Bonham resident Lewis Clark said.

Those for the changes say they'd help to boost the local economy, but those against say it could harm the city's most vulnerable individuals.

"We have a small community here in Bonham and the last thing we need is for our children to get a hold of beer and wine," Bonham resident R.B. Allen said. "I'm all for boosting the economy in different ways and I'm pretty sure we could find another way besides alcohol."

The vote will take place on May 10th.