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Rescue Organizations Seek Help For 50 Wilson Dogs


WILSON, OK -- Friends of a 75-year old woman from Wilson, Oklahoma are asking for help finding a permanent home for 50 dogs that live on her property.     

The woman says they're all animals that she rescued when no one else wanted them.

The woman's friends say it's now time for someone else to help.

Photos show what the living conditions are like for Catherine Titus and about 50 dogs just outside of Wilson on Dillard Road.

The floors in her mobile home and two travel trailers are covered in feces with dogs fighting for tail wagging room.

A friend of Titus' knew it was time for help.

"I basically said that we really needed help and I needed rescues to come and help these dogs," said Cat Hester, who sent out a message for help over Facebook.

Workers from rescue shelters visited Titus' property over the weekend.

It hurts, I mean pulling the frozen dog out of his dog house yesterday, it rips your heart out," said Patti Cain.

Cain, who's with Forever Friends --a non profit rescue and foster care organization-- rescued 10 of the dogs and says this isn't the first time this has happened.

"About 5 years ago some other rescues went in and removed about 160 dogs at that time," said Cain. "And now she's back up to about 60."

"Yeah it has happened before, I won't deny that because I won't turn them away," said Catherine Titus.

Titus says the reason why she has so many dogs is because people would abandon them along the fence line of her property along Dillard Road.

"Somebody dumps them and some way they find Catherine," said Titus. "And I won't turn them away."

Both Hester and Cain say it's time for the 75 year old to let them find homes for the pets.

"She's not doing this intentionally she loves these animals," said Hester. "But she's too overwhelmed."

"She's trying," said Cain. "She is trying but she's just too elderly to be taking care of all these dogs. We need anybody that can foster or take them into their rescue. Just so long as we can get them out of the living situation they're in right now."

Cain says she's contacted the Carter County sheriff's office about the issue.      

Titus says she'll be moving to a new mobile home near Burneyville as soon as the dogs have a safe place to go.