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Freezing precipitation keeping body shops in Texoma busy


BRYAN COUNTY – Freezing temperatures will turn water on roads to ice overnight causing more trouble for drivers, and Texomans, trying to cope with the cold.

For John Gardner, beating the winter weather means wearing lots of layers and walking the dog during the short period of time temperatures are actually above freezing.

"For the last three years it's been warm. But this year it bit us," Gardner said.

Despite a high of 34 degrees Tuesday, about a quarter inch thick layer of ice still sealed small creeks and ponds in Bryan County.

"We've had several totals, vehicles turned over, little bit of everything really," Larry Hallmark, owner of S & L Collision Center in Durant said.

Hallmark says five vehicles towed to his shop Monday alone all ended up there because of drivers who slid off icy roads.

"It's wet and all the sudden it just turns into ice," Hallmark said. "It slips up on you and then you spin out."

KTEN meteorologist Stephen Nehrenz says the main problem with freezing drizzle -- like we saw Monday -- is that it's so light it's not visible on radar or the roads.

"You get to an event where there's freezing drizzle and people think, ‘Oh, it's not that bad.' But all it takes is temperatures 4-5 degrees below freezing and that drizzle, and it can be just as bad as a sleet or snow event," Nehrenz said.

Like many Tuesday, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol say they monitored radar and weather conditions outside. Workers filled up salt trucks and plows were on stand-by during what many hope is a final round of cold weather in a winter season that won't quit.

"I'm going to go home and park the car in the garage until the ice stops," Gardner said.