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Red River Bridge Crash Victim Recovering In Denison


DENISON, TX -- We're learning more teenager about an Oklahoma teenager injured in a crash that killed three family members and the incredible progress she's making in her recovery

The SUV with nine people inside was traveling south from Miami, Okla., on a sad mission to bury the father of Joanna Alanis, 18.

"They were on the way to Mexico for her dad's funeral over there, and they crashed here in the Red River bridge," says boyfriend Israel Ortiz.

Alanis's boyfriend of three months says that the Miami High School junior had sent him a text message last Sunday that they had a minor accident near McAlester, but were pressing on.

"She stopped texting me around 7:48. That was the last message that I got from her," says Ortiz.

The next day, he found out something was wrong. There had been a wreck. "It struck the bridge numerous times and then was itself struck by two separate semis," OHP trooper Kyle Ince told KTEN last Sunday.

"She got brain surgery and she was in a coma for two days and that day that I got here, she got out of it," says Ortiz.

Alanis has now been at TMC for a week, but her boyfriend says it was just on Saturday when she learned that her grandmother, her uncle, and her little 9-year-old cousin all died in the crash.

"She wanted her phone but me and her mom didn't want her on it, you know to get on Facebook and stuff to see about it, because they were posting already like rest in peace and stuff about their family members," says Ortiz.

"But then her mom showed her, she wanted to see her page on Facebook that someone made about her, and then, she went down  and she read about it and then she just started crying."

Now as Alanis's own health starts to improve..  "She's doing better. She's eating. Yesterday, she walked 50 feet," says Ortiz.

She and her mother are left missing four family members. "Her dad passing away and then this," says Ortiz. "I think about, you know, why does it have to happen to her."

Alanis's father had died after getting the flu, which progressed to pneumonia. They are discussing possibly moving her to a Tulsa hospital soon.