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Friends Speak Out About Grayson Co. Shooting Victim


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- We're learning more tonight about a woman found dead at her home near Denison and the man deputies believe shot her.

Friends are still trying to cope with the loss of  Yvonne Gauthier, 46. "We've lived here for seven years and we've known her. She was the first person we met when we moved here," says Denise Hughes.

Hughes says she never expected to be there during her neighbor's last moments. "It was a vibration, I guess, from the shots so we opened up.. I thought it was her, knocking on the garage door, but it wasn't," says Hughes. "I went over and found her on the front porch."

"She didn't talk. She was just moaning, and then there was no more sound from her."

Deputies say Aaron Smith, 53, fired the shots that left his onetime fiancee unconscious."They were engaged at one point and then they split up and he moved out and she was getting her life back together," says Hughes.

Neighbors say Gauthier was preparing to sell this house to move closer to her family and her job with the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas, and that since the breakup several months ago, they had spotted Smith's truck driving by.

"When they moved out here, they built that pond and it was in that creek area and he talked to me about you know getting into my property a little bit and I had no problem with it," says neighbor Bill Hilleman.

"He seemed real nice," says neighbor Joan Bizzle.

Friends say the two shared the home on Cedar Drive that she bought in 2006 for years. But in October, court records show she filed for a protective order. "I found out he was fixing to be served again because he had been sending her texts," says Hughes.

Now those who knew the couple are left trying to understand their deaths. "It's really shocking because they both seemed like pretty good people," says Hilleman.

Smith was found dead in Cartwright and an autopsy will be performed. County records show a total of four different women have filed for protective orders against him in the past 20 years, and one was dismissed.

Friends say Gauthier's funeral will be Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the Advent Lutheran Church in Arlington, Tex. She leaves behind an adult daughter.