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Grayson Co. Woman And Murder Suspect Found Dead


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A man wanted for murder in Grayson County was found dead on Friday as authorities investigated the killing of his ex-girlfriend.

According to deputies, Aaron Smith, 53, was accused of shooting a woman Thursday night at a home on Cedar Drive just outside Denison city limits around 9:30 p.m.

The victim, Yvonne Gauthier, 46, was rushed by ambulance to Texoma Medical Center, but died from her injuries. Friends say the two had been in a relationship but had  recently broken up.

Overnight,Grayson County deputies issued a warrant for Smith, saying he was on the run, and possibly armed and dangerous. On Friday afternoon, he was found dead in Bryan County.

Court records show Gauthier had applied on Oct. 8 for a protective order against Smith and they were scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on Feb. 20. Now, both are dead.

Bryan County Sheriff Ken Golden says a woman driving by noticed a pickup parked behind the Cartwright Fire Department, and thought it looked out of place.

"First about 9 o'clock, a lady taking her kids to school saw the vehicle sitting there and went to check on him. He was unresponsive, so she made a phone call to our office," says Golden.

Golden says it was on a second pass by when the woman saw the pickup truck was still here. She decided to call for help and deputies came out this afternoon to check on what was going on.    

"On first contact they tried to get him to open his vehicle, but he was unresponsive they gained entry into the vehicle, found that he was deceased," says Golden.

Deputies say the man found dead in the truck was Smith. As investigators searched Smith's truck around 3 p.m. on Friday, neighbors started learning about what happened.

"Word traveled pretty fast about what happened and one of our other friends stopped by and said they was pretty sure they knew him and he was parking his railroad trucks and things at their house and they stopped by and recognized his truck and told us that's who it was," says witness Jimmy Koiner.

"We saw the truck before the officers come and of course we didn't have any idea that there was a body in the truck."

"Crazy what the world's coming to nowadays," one resident told KTEN.

Deputies say Gauthier was shot to death, and an autopsy will be performed in Oklahoma City to determine how Smith died. The pickup was taken to impound and OSBI and the Texas Rangers are assisting in the investigation, Golden said.