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New Information In Death Of Two Sherman Women


SHERMAN, TX -- New information tonight in the case of a Sherman man whose wife and sister both died on the same night.

Police confirmed Wednesday that the sister of the man arrested in his wife's death was on her way to the scene, when she wrecked her car.

And, there's another strange coincidence in this case.

Police say a phone call from home sent Michelle Wheat, 43, on her last drive. "She was responding to a phone call from her boyfriend about Sarah Neyland," says police Sgt. D.M. Hampton.

Police say Wheat's brother, Leonard Neyland, 45, had already struck his wife Sarah, 26, with a car and brought her back to the home when Wheat's boyfriend made the call. "He was at the house when Leonard showed up," says Hampton.

Wheat was heading down Friendship Road around 3 a.m. Sunday, likely worried for her brother, his wife, and their two children, when the fiery wreck happened.

"It appears that she was going too fast and wasn't able to negotiate the corner there and ended up leaving the roadway and striking the tree," says Hampton.

"They wouldn't let me go close to the car. I could see it from across the road," says neighbor Bob Harper.

"It was completely engulfed in fire," says neighbor Trenna Little.

Little and her husband went to help, but there was nothing they could do, and other neighbors woke up when police showed up.

"'Why don't you turn off the Christmas lights, you're running up my electric bill!' and I looked at him kind of funny, and he says, 'Look,' and there was the red white and blue lights," says Betty Aston, who was visiting her brother.

"When it got lighter, you could see the van up there under those trees you can see that where the ground's all messed up on the west side," says neighbor James Aston.

Police say they believe this spot where Wheat's car ran into a tree is actually the same area where earlier Mr. Neyland had run down his wife.

"It was probably about 150 feet from each other," says Hampton.

Neyland now sits in the Grayson County Jail facing a manslaughter charge, his wife and sister, gone in one night.

"After Leonard had taken her back to the house on Laughlin is approximately somewhere between probably less than 30 minutes is when Michelle Wheat had actually had the accident," says Hampton.

We called Neyland's employer, an HVAC company in McKinney, and were told the Neylands had been married about 4 or 5 years. Leonard Neyland is being held on a $200,000 bond while awaiting trial and his next court date has not yet been set.