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Bells Residents Voice Concern Over City Water Problems


BELLS, TX--- From water lines bursting to wells losing power, the city of Bells has had no shortage of water issues in recent months. The problems have only continued to escalate causing major headache within the community which is why tonight, a public meeting was held for residents to discuss their water woes. 

Alongside city council, Grayson County Health Department Director John Teel was there to listen to the steady stream of problems, such as not giving proper notification before a boil order begins.

"My main thing is that you need to notify," Bells resident Kari Tongate said. "I think there needs to be a better chain of command in notification."

After dealing with multiple boil orders within the last few months, it seems like most in the city are simply looking for answers.

"The citizens deserve good, working water and we want to make sure we move in that direction," Bells Mayor Angela LeBlanc said. "It's not like we have no water or a problem with people being able to utilize the water, it's the frequency in breaks and the down time that we have going on right now."

LeBlanc said the water problem lies within the city's outdated water system and that a fix would cost in the millions. She said council members originally wanted to set a bond election to fix the water problems, but now they're looking for a cheaper fix before they consider that option.

However, it seems the solution to the problem may have to wait, since tonight's meeting was only meant for discussion and no formal action could be taken.