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Testimony begins in trial of man accused of killing Grayson County deputy


GRAYSON COUNTY -- Testimony began Tuesday in the trial of Rickey Stanley, the Whitesboro man charged with the murder of a Grayson County deputy.

Prosecutors began calling their witnesses to the stand including several DPS officers.

The jury watched dash camera video recorded from inside DPS cruisers.

Video obtained by KTEN is from inside a Bonham police officer's vehicle who was involved in the high-speed chase that ended on US Highway 82 and Bethany Road in April 2013. It was the scene that Grayson County Deputy Chad Key was directing traffic around when he was hit and killed.

In court, jurors were shown the moment the Ford one-ton pick-up truck Stanley was driving made impact with Deputy Key.

On the stand, one trooper fought back tears when asked about the emotion he felt following the accident. He said he was feet away from being hit by the truck Stanley was driving and testified he saw his life "flash before his eyes." The trooper He said he had to jump on top of a tow truck avoid being hit.

During cross examination, defense attorneys tried poking holes in the state's case, drawing attention to a lack of flares or cones alerting driver, like Stanley, leading up to the scene.

They also pointed out troopers and deputies were not wearing reflective gear.

Defense attorneys also asked questioned why DPS didn't ‘pull out all the stops' in the investigation following Key's death, saying no scene reconstruction was done at the site of the accident, only a scaled version which jurors saw in court.

After Tuesday's hearing, Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown said, "The crime was on video tape. So the need for reconstruction was only in the mind of the defense. Certainly, when you have the crime on video tape you don't need reconstruction; you've got it on the video."

Later in the day, another trooper testified Stanley didn't react in the way he felt a typical person would when he learned a deputy died as a result of his injuries.

Defense attorneys countered by saying everyone deals with shock differently.

Stanley is charged with first-degree murder, intoxication manslaughter of a peace officer and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He has pleaded not guilty.

Testimony resumes Wednesday morning.

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