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Winter Storm has Large Impact on Roads


TEXOMA--- From sleet, to snow, to freezing rain, we had a little bit of it all yesterday and while many people chose to stay indoors, some did not. Hitting the roads resulted in a lot of vehicles hitting vehicles and yesterday, first responders said they worked around the clock responding to accidents.

With less than an inch of snow hitting Grayson and Bryan County, you would think that the roads would be decent enough to drive on, but it turns out that wasn't the case.

"The roads in general were slushy and icy, especially after dark," Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper James Reinecker said about yesterday's conditions.

It was after dark when OHP troopers said an SUV with 8 people inside lost control. They were in the southbound lanes of Highway 75 by the Red River Bridge.

"They lost control, bounced off both of the retaining walls on either side of the bridge and into the path of an 18-wheeler that had been behind them. The 18-wheeler was reducing his speed, but was unable to keep from clipping them," Trooper Reinecker said.

He said after clipping the 18-wheeler, a second 18-wheeler struck the SUV head-on. As a result, three people died.  This was the biggest accident in our area, but several other wrecks were reported. 

In Sherman, police said they worked 10 major and 32 minor accidents. One fatality was reported.

In Howe, first responders said they responded to seven accidents in roughly three hours.

In Denison, police said they have worked 19 accidents since 7 a.m. yesterday.

OHP troopers said they worked 11 wrecks in Bryan County, two in carter county and zero in Pontotoc County. They reported seven injuries and three fatalities in Bryan County.