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Gov. Fallin Proposes a Tax Cut, Oklahomans Stand With Her


DURANT, OK--If you live in Oklahoma, you could soon be paying less income tax. Gov. Mary Fallin is asking state lawmakers to approve a state income tax cut. It's actually not an idea that many people are against.

"I'm all for it," said one Oklahoma man.

A quarter decrease in the Oklahoma state income tax--that's what Gov. Mary Fallin is hoping for.

"Washington has taken every opportunity to raise taxes," said Fallin in Monday's State of the State address. "We should take every opportunity to lower them."

In a tweet released Monday, Fallin says quote "Lowering the state income tax is the right thing to do." The governor is hoping to cut the tax rate from 5.25 to 5 percent. Many Oklahomans say they want to see that happen.

Oklahoma resident Ashley Highnight said: "I actually think it sounds like a good thing. Anything to help someone support themselves. I'm a single person, I don't have kids or anything like that. So it would definitely benefit me."

James Buckner said: "I'd like to see it done plum away with. I don't believe Oklahoma needs that tax money. It's all just revenue to them, they have plenty of revenue without taxing us."

House of Representatives Majority Whip Todd Thomsen--who also represents Pontotoc County--says he likes the idea, but will need to study the fine-print.

"The challenge is: What do you do in the short-term to pay for that?" asked Thomsen. "There will be a short-term economic impact in the state, and we need to pay for that. And how are we going to?"

Thomsen said that question remains undecided at the moment, but that those funds will likely come from state agency reductions and state budget cuts.

"I need to see those specifically before I can sign on 100 percent," said Thomsen.

Some locals say they agree with Thomsen.

"I'm all for reducing state tax if we don't have to sacrifice something else that's going to end up costing us more," said a Durant man.
Thomsen says although the tax cut is on Fallin's proposal wishlist, it will ultimately be up to the House and Senate whether its voted into effect.