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Sleet And Snow Make For Dangerous Sunday In Texoma


DENISON, TX -- From ice to sleet and snow, Sunday sure had it all in Grayson County, and it led to some icy roads.

In Denison, a crash briefly shut down the southbound lanes of traffic on Highway 75 around 7 p.m. near TMC.

The pickup truck involved was towed off the roadway, and traffic got moving again shortly after.

Drivers are warned to use caution while driving on the slick and snowy roads.

Earlier around 3 p.m., driving became treacherous after snow fell in Grayson County. Denison firefighters were called to Highway 75 just north of Dave's Ski and Tackle.

That's where a pickup truck flipped onto its side and wound up in the median. Luckily, the driver was able to walk away from the crash and we're told he's okay.

We first started seeing some sleet this morning. Then it changed over to some fluffy snow which started accumulating around 2 p.m. in Denison.

The snow quickly made driving on the highways and streets more tricky as sliding became more of a possibility. Several fender benders were reported across Texoma throughout the day on Sunday.

Earlier in the morning, it was not snow, but ice, that residents woke up to. Those heading out had to scrape the ice off their windshields.

We found plenty of ice still on cars at one Denison car dealership around noon.  A TxDOT sand truck was out on Morton Street near Wal-Mart.

OHP reported all county roads and highways were deterioriating fast around 11 a.m. Coal County roads were snow packed and hazardous.

Atoka, Bryan, and Pushmataha counties had ice on the bridges, overpasses, trees and powerlines, troopers said.

There were reports of snow by morning in northern counties including Garvin and Pontotoc Counties.