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Mountain View Mall In Ardmore Receives Renovations


ARDMORE, OK -- A mall in Ardmore is about halfway through a facelift that managers hope will help keep shoppers in the city.

Managers at Mountain View Mall in Ardmore say it first opened around 1979, and that it was high time for some renovations.

"It's a major uplift it's been coming for a long time it needed to come for a long time and everybody's happy about it and we're happy to please everybody with this," said Cathy Bump, property manager at the mall.

The $5 million project began in October of last year and is bringing big changes to the retail center inside and out.

On the outside the mall is getting a new roof, an updated facade, and a resurfaced parking lot with new lights.

Inside, contractors are installing a new ceiling, lights, and floor along with other aesthetic touches.

"We should have it wrapped up pretty well into the early fall somewhere in that area," said Danny Hooper, construction manager. "Early to late fall."

Mall managers say new business will be coming to the mall as well.

T.J. Maxx will move into the old Staples location while Staples will move into some new digs closer to the center of the mall.

Mall-goers are already taking notice of the makeover.

"People will be more interested in coming in here," said Buddy English, a frequent visitor of Mountain View Mall. "Because there'll be new buildings, new merchandise, and people spend more money that way."

Which is music, shopping mall music, to everyone's ears.

"All I see now from here is it going up and offering more jobs around in this area right here for the mall," said Bump. "And I think it will bring people to shop here in Ardmore."

Bump says another business called Frozen Ice from New York will also be making a new home at the Mountain View Mall.