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ECU Organization Takes a Stand Against Bullying


ADA, OK--The month of February might be best known for roses and chocolate, but one local college organization is taking a stand against something that's not so sweet.

Students at East Central University say enough is enough.

"I realized if people are being bullied, you need to say something. Every time I see it, I try to stop it at least," said sophomore Samantha Lavigne.

Zeta Pi Lambda--an on-campus Christian club--is declaring February "Bully Prevention Month."

President Bailee Hancock said: "We chose bullying because it's just getting out of hand lately,it seems like. And February is the month of love, so we thought we'd just try to tie that in together."

Freshman member Catherine Trammell said, "Raising awareness about bullying, and letting kids know to stand up for themselves and let somebody know, was important to us."

All of the students we talked to said they see little to no bullying on East Central's campus; however, a few people did say it's something they've dealt with in their past.

One sophomore said: "It was usually either the popular kids, you know, bullying other people. It was just, in general, something that happened daily."

Lavigne said: "I've dealt with it for many years. Mostly it was in middle school. I mean, kids would just pick on me by the way I looked, or the way I dressed, I wasn't fast enough in any sports or stuff."

Organization members say they will be hosting weekly anti-bullying events. A bake sale on the quad, special speakers, pool tournaments and a march on Norris Field.

Trammell said, "I mean, we're looking for a big turnout because it just goes to show us that bullying is something that needs to be stopped."

ECU students had messages they wanted to send to both bullies...and their victims.

One sophomore male said: "I mean, just remember the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you'd like to be treated."

Lavigne said to those who have fallen victim to bullying: "Whether it's your family, God or some random stranger like me--somebody does care about you."

A national survey shows that at least 20 percent of high school kids are victims of bullying. The rate is even higher for elementary students. Proceeds from the ECU campaign will go toward Ada's Boys and Girls Club.