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OSBI investigates remains of body found in Bryan County


BRYAN COUNTY -- Investigators in Oklahoma are trying to figure out the identity of the person whose remains have been found in Bryan County.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says a resident found a skull in a rural area of Bryan County on Sunday.

The exact location isn't being released.

The OSBI public information director Jessica Brown explained why by phone from Oklahoma City. "That's information only certain individuals would know. If this turned into more than just a suspicious death, then when we interview possible suspects with information that has not been released and if that individuals or individuals can provide that then certainly that's a red flag," Brown said.

Thursday, Bryan County Sheriff's deputies, OSBI agents, the Oklahoma Medical Examiners' Office and the Oklahoma Archeological Survey returned to the spot the skull was discovered to look for other remains. "Other remains were found," Brown said.

So far, the OSBI has determined the remains are that of a white male, 40 years of age or older and likely died between one and five years ago.

The OSBI says the man's description doesn't match any missing person's reports in the area. Now, the Oklahoma Medical Examiners' Office will try to extract DNA from the remains then enter them into a national missing person's database.

"We're hoping that the Medical Examiners' Office can extract DNA from one of the bones or one of the teeth and send it to the University of North Texas to be included in a national missing person's database," Brown said.

If the man's identity still can't be determined, Brown says OSBI forensic artist Harvey Pratt may be able to reconstruct the skull. "To put a face on this skull and if that is a fact, then we can send that out to the public and hopefully get an identification through that," Brown said. "We really need an identification of this individual before we can proceed with the investigation."

Brown says extracting DNA could take months.

Meantime, if you know of anyone missing since 2009 that fits the description, they're asked to contact OSBI at 1-800-522-8017.