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Well Near Rural Carter County Home Raises Concerns For Owner


CARTER COUNTY, OK -- A woman in a rural part of Carter County says a nearby well site is causing seismic activity. The company that owns the well says the claims just aren't true.

Rhonda Jackson has lived in a house off Huey Lane north of Mannsville for 18 years.

She says she didn't expect this when she moved out here.

"It's noise 24/7. You got lights 24/7. I live where there's no lights but my property is lit up all night long," said Jackson.

A well site owned by XTO is in the process of fracking, where a mixture of water sand and chemicals is injected into the well for gas to flow.

Officials from the company says the truck traffic is normal.

"There will be some noise situations," said Mike Todd, regional manager of public and government affairs. "There will be some noises and you'll be able to hear some rumbling of trucks as the process goes."

Another concern for Jackson was water.

Rhonda's main water source comes from a well on her property, which is just a few feet away from the fracking site.

But Todd says that is also not an issue as the fracking taking place inside the well is 15,000 feet below the surface.

Jackson's well is only 70 feet deep.

As for the claims of seismic activity, Todd says the fracking process is not related.

"With regard to the fracking process itself, nothing at all have we seen relate seismicity to that process," said Todd.

Austin Holland, a seismologist with the Oklahoma Geological Survey, says seismic activity due to fracking is very rare.

A map on the Oklahoma Geological Survey's website shows no seismic activity has been reported in the area over the last seven days.

The drilling company says they reached out to Jackson before the fracking process began to make accommodations but she declined.