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Teenager Beating On Sherman School Bus Caught On Tape


SHERMAN, TX -- Disturbing video shows a Sherman student being thrown to the floor and pummeled, and it all happened on board a school bus.

The video was taken right near Piner Middle School. First, one student appears to push another over, and then starts punching as crying and shouting is heard.

About 10 seconds later, an adult who is apparently the driver shows up in the video and starts asking questions.

"My child is the one being dragged to the back of the bus and beaten," says Shannon Cripe.

Cripe says this isn't the only time his seventh grader has been targeted. "My son's been beaten on the school bus. He was pushed down the stairs at the Piner school. He was stabbed last week with a pencil in his hand that required him to go to the E.R.," says Cripe.

"At that time that it occurred, it was reported to our appropriate administrators. Parents were notified," says superintendent Al Hambrick.

The district says the incident happened back in September. Now, dozens of people viewing the video on Facebook have been posting comments, and they say they're upset about what it shows.

"Our student in this case has been placed in our disciplinary alternative placement," says Hambrick.

"It's not always the same kid. There are multiple kids doing it and the issue's not just the kids, but the lack of effort on the school to prevent it from happening," says Cripe.

Hambrick says staff members reported the bus was moving at the time of the attack. Cripe says he's upset at the response by the transportation supervisor on the bus.

"The two incidents with the stabbing and the beating were both on the bus while the bus driver was there and saw what was going on and did nothing to step in," says Cripe.

"It doesn't matter if it was moving or stopped. We expect our staff as quickly as possible to render aid to the student and I think that's the main thing and the bus was still in the vicinity of the Piner campus," says Hambrick.

Hambrick says any students who violate the rules are punished. "We have 7,200 students in our district and I think if you were to look at our students, 99 percent of our students do what they're supposed to do everyday," says Hambrick.

"He's scared to be on the bus. He's scared to go to school. He's not sure who's gonna get him next or how bad it's gonna be," says Cripe.

Cripe says his son had to go to the emergency room with a bump on his head and hearing problems, and missed several days of school.

Hambrick says he does not want to talk about the driver because that is a personnel question, but that the incident was a student's poor decision, and the student was disciplined.