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High Wildfire Risk Continues in Texoma


TEXOMA--- The recent high winds and low humidity has increased the dangers of wildfires across Texoma and conditions are expected to worsen later in the week.

Last week, firefighters across the area battled multiple wildfires.

"We had a few around the area in Grayson County, but the fire departments responded pretty quickly and got on all the grass fires," Grayson County Assistant Fire Marshal David Gallagher said.

The high winds and humid climate aren't the only contributors to the high risk for wildfires, the dry and dead vegetation that layers the ground also acts as fuel for flames.

"Some of our worst fires have come at this time of year because  all the vegetation is dead," Gallagher said.

This week, we caught a short break, but by Thursday the risk of wildfires will again be high. Right now, Pottawatomie County, Pittsburg County and Seminole County are the only areas in Texoma that have burn bans in place, but Gallagher says that you still need to be careful.

"A momentary lapse in watching what you're doing can cause a fire to get away from you," Gallagher said. 

He stresses to use extreme caution while doing things that could ignite a fire, such as grilling & welding. Also, remember to never leave a campfire unattended and make sure it is completely extinguished before leaving it.