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Zoning changes ahead for area surrounding NTRA


DENISON -- Zoning near the North Texas Regional Airport will soon be changing.

A new ordinance focuses on several issues -- noise, building heights -- but there are also changes that property owners in the area need to be aware of.

The Joint Airport Zoning Board is made up of members from Sherman, Denison, Pottsboro and Grayson County.

They met Tuesday to discuss an ordinance that would change zoning laws around the North Texas Regional Airport.

"We want to stop any issues before they happen," NTRA director Mike Shahan said.

The ordinance divides a swath of land surrounding the airport into two zones, A and B.

Zone B runs along the east and west sides of the airport.

Zone A is from the north entrance of the airport to FM 996. South of the airport, it would stop 1,000 feet short of Highway 82.

Because Zone A is in the path for most pilots use when landing and taking off, property owners in that area would see more land-use restrictions under the ordinance.

Growth both residentially and commercially would be limited.

Dean Gilbert came to Tuesday's meeting because he owns property in Zone A.

Right now, he says 90 acres falls under land-use restrictions that already exist.

"What they're trying to do is enlarge the 90 acres by about three or four times and I don't know why," Gilbert said.

Board chairman Phil Roether says the point of the new ordinance is to keep one of the county's most valuable assets from meeting the fate of some other airports in north Texas that have been forced out of business because of too much growth, too fast.

"A number of airports have closed throughout the United States because of encroachment. About six years ago, a study was done at this airport and the number one threat was determined to be encroachment," Roether said.

The board says it plans to notify all affected property owners about the changes.

At least two public meetings will be held on the issue before the board votes on the ordinance.