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City Of Healdton Moving Forward After Audit Report


HEALDTON, OK -- A report released by the Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector's Office showed that nearly 80 thousand dollars has been embezzled from the city of Healdton in a three year span.

Healdton city manager Charles Clark says the city was conducting its own audit when they found cause to call in the state auditor.

Auditors, which focused on the period from July 2009 to June 2012, found $79,757.96 had been embezzled.

"The misappropriation started a lot before that," said Clark.

State auditor Gary Jones says more than $42,000 was taken using check for cash substitutions.

"This is something we see quite often is that when there's not a good system of checks and balances and internal controls," said Jones.

Auditors say the rest of the money was taken in a cash larceny scheme.

Clark, who became city manager in early august of last year, says the city has since fixed the problem, with Clark and the state auditor's office initiating double accounting methods and controls.

"If people are going to steal, it requires two people to do it rather than one person working in secret," said Clark. "Some of that they weren't doing here."

Healdton residents say they want to see someone to pay for their crime.

"Well if I did that, what would happen to me?" said Virgile Warringotn. "You'd be behind bars somewhere or making restitution somewhere down the line."

Warrington says acts like the latest embezzlement findings have gone on for years in Healdton, and hopes this time around something will be done.

"if they did it, they ought to pay," said Warrington. "That's just the way it is, I'd pay, you pay. Is that not right?"

Clark says the district attorney has a copy of the audit report.

The two former city employees, whose names were listed in the audit, are no longer employed by the city.