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Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter


TEXOMA -- When it comes to heating your home this winter, experts say it is best to use your energy wisely.

For starters it helps to set your thermostat at a reasonable temperature. Experts recommend sixty-eight degrees. Also make sure your unit is working properly.

"If you haven't had your unit service in quite some time it might be a good idea to have your unit serviced. Make sure you have clean filters and that the unit is running properly so at least you are getting the warmth that you are paying for on the unit," says Todd Thompson, the Area Manager for OnCor in Sherman.

Also inspect your windows and doors for drafts. You can buy a foam sealant to help insulate those areas of your home in an easy manner.

Curtains over windows help to keep your home insulated as well.

Electric companies try and stay ahead of the cold weather.

"When we see the weather coming then our electric company prepares for it and they plan how much generation is needed and they get that supply ready for our demand," says Thompson.

If you are having trouble paying for the increase in electricity, there are organizations out there to help you.

Texoma Council of Governments in Sherman can assist north Texas homes while the Southern Oklahoma Development Association is there for southern Oklahoma residents.  

"Right now I'm very limited on funds so it is going to be a base to base situation after I collect the information that I need. I council them and tell them of resources that are available if I have none," says Debbie Odom from Southern Oklahoma's Area Agency on Aging.

If you need further information to see if you qualify for help to pay your electric bill you can contact:

Debbie Odom for Southern Oklahoma residents     580-920-1388


Glenda Haynes for North Texas residents              903-813-3528