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Sen. Tom Coburn's Office Listens to Concerns over Lake Texoma's Low Water Levels


KINGSTON, OK--- If you have driven by Lake Texoma recently, you've probably noticed the drastically low lake levels. This summer, the lake stood at 617 feet, but now it has dropped to 609 feet. The current level is the lowest it has been in more than 30 years.

Many people have been voicing their concerns about it on a Facebook page titled "Save Lake Texoma" and today, they were heard.

Recently, the group reached out to Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, as well Republican Sen. James Inhofe, in hopes of changing a federal law regarding how much water can be taken and released from the lake during times of drought.

"They're getting plenty of letters from our supporters on our page," the creator of the "Save Lake Texoma" site Robyn King said. 

Today, King said she got to meet with a field representative from Sen. Coburn's office to voice her concerns.

"We'd like to see regulations set for this lake so that it doesn't get in the condition that it's in right now ever again," King said.

As it stands, hydropower restrictions at Lake Texoma start at 612 feet and restrictions to critical levels start at 607 feet. The "Save Lake Texoma" group wants to change those limits to restrictions starting at 615 feet, emergency removal only at 609 feet and all removal cut off at 600 feet.

King said the representative is now taking their thoughts back to Sen. Coburn's office and that a second meeting with someone from his staff will hopefully happen in the near future.

Today, a spokesperson for Sen. Coburn's office did confirm to KTEN News that this meeting did take place. They agreed to give a comment on it, but we have not yet received that comment.

UPDATE 1/28/14, 6:16 p.m.: A spokesman for Sen. Coburn gives this statement: "We have been monitoring the situation at Lake Texoma since December and continue to hear concerns from constituents and other stakeholders.  We will continue to engage in a dialogue with the community, as well as the rest of the Oklahoma congressional delegation, regarding the water level at Lake Texoma."