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Wapanucka Man Arrested At Mechanic Shop Fire


WAPANUCKA, OK -- Johnston County deputies arrest a man after they say he refused to come out of his burning building.

Duane Allen, 51, faces charges of interfering with fire personnel, and possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.

It happened around 11 p.m. on Saturday on Main Street in Wapanucka. Sheriff Jon Smith says Allen went back inside three times despite orders to leave.

Firefighters were working a controlled burn that went out of control, burning tires and the corner of a mechanic shop.

"He was trying to get these back doors open so that way we could get everything out," says Fire Chief Gary Reeder. "I'd asked him if there was any fire inside the building and he said no. I told him he needed to come back out. He didn't. He went back in."

Meantime, Reeder says someone tried to steal a generator from the fire department while they were fighting the fire, and then ran off when a firefighter showed up. Wapanucka, Coleman, Tishomingo, and Bromide firefighters responded.

Smith says deputies discovered crystal meth and smoking pipes on Allen, and additional drug material in the building.