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Yearbook Found In Wall Makes Amazing Journey Home


PAUL'S VALLEY, OK -- If the walls in this house on Pecan street in Paul's Valley could talk.

To tell you the truth, the walls are already spilling stories.

"Me, my brother, and my dad hit a wall and stuff just started falling out," said Hunter Loper.

Ray Loper--Hunter's dad-- bought this house a little over a year ago and moved in.

While working on a wall in what is now Hunter's room, they found a Paul's Valley yearbook from 1957.

Instead of throwing it away, Hunter held on to it for nearly a year.

"Just something I'd show off for awhile," said Hunter, on why he held on to the yearbook.

Hunter brought his find to show to teachers at Paul's Valley junior high, which used to be the high school in 1957. It would lead to the next step in the yearbook's journey home.

"They thought it was pretty cool and started passing it around to other teachers," said Hunter.

One of Hunter's teachers brought the book home, because she thought her husband might recognize a name.

Steve Bratcher says the book was covered with written messages but not one identified who the book belonged to.

"Except for this one inscription that was written clearly by a child in red ink that said, 'To a cool dad, I love you, Eric Driskill,'" said Bratcher. "I go, 'Wait a minute, Eric Driskill...I know him.'"

So Steve took a picture of the note and sent it to Driskill over Facebook.

"I was pretty sure when I saw the picture that was my writing," said Eric Driskill.

Sure enough it was.  

Eric, who is a teacher in St. Louis, has the book now and says it's a great memoir of his father who died from a brain tumor about two years ago.

Eric has no memory why he wrote the message but says he's glad he did.

"It was certainly an unexpected jewel so something I'm certainly going to treasure," said Driskill.

Leaving all those involved a story to treasure as well.

"I'm glad it's found it's way home," said Ray Loper. "It's been pretty cool."

"For Hunter and his dad to find this book, and then be able to get it to the person who can get it to someone who knew the Driskill family it really is, it's a crazy series of events," said Bratcher.

"There are so many opportunities for any number of things to have happened where it wouldn't have wound up with me and it's just incredible that it did," said Driskill.