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New Police Dog Now Searching For Drugs In Denison


DENISON, TX-- He's already been sniffing out trouble for two weeks now, and today, we got up close and personal with the newest and furriest member of one Texoma police department.

A group of citizens helped bring the canine crime-fighter to town. Now, for the first time in 12 years, Denison has canine eyes watching the streets. "The deterrent factor. We have a dog. He will bite you," says Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association member Paula Gurak.

"Ivar" comes from U.S. K-9 in Louisiana and is teaming up with Officer William Deering, who has four years of experience in patrol and narcotics.

"Just yesterday we did a building search and before I even started with the building search, just giving the commands out that we were gonna release the dog into the building, the subject gave up and came on out," says Deering.

Seeing Ivar on duty is special to members of the association, who saw the need for a dog like him.

"We lined up what we needed -- what's the equipment, how much was the dog, where were we gonna get it from, what kind of vehicle, the equipment for the vehicle," says Gurak.

A few months after taking on the project last year, the association quickly took advantage of some matching funds and raised more than $23,000.

"I don't think that anyone expected it to go as quickly as it did and so we were pretty excited when all of a sudden we were able to go to the police department and say the funds are here, the ball's in your court," says Gurak.

Now, after spending about four weeks training with Deering, Ivar is on duty and can sniff out five different drugs. He was officially unveiled during a ceremony on Friday morning.

"I can have him go around cars and see if narcotics are in there. He can even go in houses and search for narcotics. He can also track people, let's say if we have a fugitive run," says Deering.

The Grayson County Sheriff's Office added Thor one year ago, and Deering says Ivar will be training with Thor and Sherman's police dog once a month. Gurak says Denison ISD, businesses, and individuals made contributions for the program.