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Authorities Look Into Alleged Beating In Love County


LOVE COUNTY, OK -- A Love County man -- who is blind -- says he's looking for justice after he claims he was beaten by a sheriff's deputy.     

He says it happened after his grandson was arrested at his home.

OHP troopers arrested 22-year old James Conn Nipp Monday night, after a high speed chase through northern Love County ended at his grandfather's home on Long Hollow Road.

Nipp's grandfather -- 65-year old John Nipp -- says after his grandson had been taken into custody, he tried to close his door but a deputy kept the door open.

"The highway patrol was not raising his voice, none of us was loud mouthing or nothing I just said, 'Hey, I'm going to lock that door,'" said Nipp. "And when he got his head around it, he started hitting me with both fists."

Nipp says he's completely blind due to effects of Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam.

He says the blows from deputy Johnny Denney knocked him backward over a couch and onto the floor where the punches continued.

"My head had fallen off the couch down on the floor he was down there beating on me," said Nipp.

Nipp claims he suffered injuries to his head and back including a fractured vertebrae.

"I'm having to take pain pills to even be able to just make it," said Nipp.

Doctors told Nipp to wear a back brace for 10 to 12 weeks before they consider surgery.

Nipp says he filed a complaint with the Carter County district attorney's office.

Love County Sheriff Joe Russell says the incident is being investigated and Denney is no longer with the sheriff's office.

"No other further comments," said Russell. "It's under investigation through the D.A.'s office."

Denney did not return our phone calls, but a family member says he wasn't commenting until after the investigation.

Police say Nipp's grandson, Conn Nipp, was the last person seen with 17-year old Molly Miller and 21-year old Colt Haynes before they disappeared in July.